About Me..

My name is Jo, I live in a beautiful seaside town in Victoria, Australia.

I'm a mum of two fantastic boys,a 12yo and a 3yo, who are the making of me.

 I work as a Library assistant, with a focus on Early Years. What that means is I get to read stories, sing songs and get crafty with a gang of preschoolers every week.

I love baking, reading and gardening.
I adore my pets, two chooks, an excitable Spoodle and a laid back retired Greyhound.

I also have an obsession with all things crafty. I have been accused on more than one occasion of being a nana before my time, a badge I wear with honour! 

Symptoms of my craft affliction can include ( but is not confined to..):

Piles of random balls of wool appearing on every available flat surface
A rainbow of wool off-cuts sprinkling my carpet
Eyes glazing over, whilst I dream of what craft I'd rather be doing.
Arriving at work/doing the shopping/visiting friends and family, with a crochet hook in my hair  ( and no one saying a word)
Delusions of grandeur presenting as an aversion to buy anything I think I could make myself....and never getting around to it.
A background hum of panic when I'm not in arms reach of a project...

This blog is a space for me to document my crafty endeavours and have a space to write about random musings that flit through my brain, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Jo x

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